Wooden Insect & Bee Hotel



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Full Description
Wooden Insect & Bee Hotel
Attracts A Wide Variety Of Garden Insect
Includes Various Natural Materials
Ready Assembled with Wall Mounting Loop
Dimensions: (W) 22cm x (H) 26cm x (D) 9cm
This wooden insect home is a wonderful way for nature lovers to attract bugs and bees to their gardens.
The insect & bee hotel has a number of floors and chambers to attract a variety of different insects, including a large slot in the base for butterflies to take refuge.
The bee and insect house contains numerous different rooms for the insects according to their needs. It contains hollow wooden stems, loosely packed cones, providing digger wasps, mason bees, ladybirds, and other garden insects with an authentic habitat to shelter and hibernate.
They are made from totally natural materials.
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