Vinyl Buddy Record Cleaning Kit



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Full Description
Carbon Fibre Anti-Static Brush
Micro Fibre Cloth
Stylus Cleaning Brush
Vinyl Wet Cleaning Wipes
Cleaning Solution
Inside this kit is everything the serious music lover will need to ensure that your vinyl collection keeps delivering the best possible audio quality.
Carbon Fibre Anti-Static Brush Safely removes dust and dirt from LP surface.
Stylus Cleaning Brush Designed to clean your stylus, as well as “hard to reach” places.
Micro Fibre Cloth 30x30cm, Super fine, super soft, use with the cleaning solution for a deeper clean to remove more deep seated dust and dirt.
Vinyl Wet Cleaning Wipes, These tissues efficiently clean any vinyl surface.
They are anti-static, alcohol and ammonia free.
Cleaning Solution With a spray nozzle for accuracy, use with a micro fibre cloth to get a deeper clean for the perfect finishing touch.
Detailed four page step-by-step instruction manual also included within this set.
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