Vileda Ultramax Microfibre Mop & Bucket Set with Wringer



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Full Description
Complete Ultramax Set – contains mop head with microfibre pad, handle, bucket and wringer
2-in-1 microfibre pad for stubborn dirt removal and excellent cleaning performance
Specially designed bucket and asymmetric wringer ensures optimum wetness of mop head for use on different floor types – tiles, vinyl, stone, wood or laminate
Spout for pouring out dirty water without splashing
Profiled pressure points on the bottom of the mop – ”Power Zone”
Micro-active fibers of the overlay to create maximum absorption
Mop pad is also intended for cleaning wooden floors
Modernized wringer with a raised part for inserting the mop
Fixed mop pole consisting of three parts
The set includes: a Mop with a pole and a Bucket
The ULTRAMAX system stands for advanced technology and ease of use.
It is possible to squeeze and wring the mop without getting your hands dirty or wet.
The reinforced and improved hooking of the mop cover allows you to simultaneously wring the mop by hand and in a bucket.
The bucket is equipped with a specialized squeezer.
Colour: Black and Red
Dimensions: Mop Head Width: 34cm and Pole length: 120cm
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