Set of 3 25 Litre Stackable Recycling Bins



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Full Description
Set of 3 x 25 Litre (75 Litres in total) Stackable Waste Recycling Bins
Can be used multiple ways. In a line, all sperate places around the house, or stacked as one.
3 x 25 Litre Recycling Bins
Includes 10 Coloured Sticker Labels,
2 x Blue (Paper)
2 x Green (Glass)
2 x Yellow (Plastic/Metal)
2 x Brown (Organic)
2 x Grey (Other)
Size Per Bin: (Width)293mm x (Depth)392mm x (Height)335mm
Size When Stacked Together (Width)293mm x (Depth)392mm x (Height)1,005mm
Modular Construction
Easy Sorting of Household Waste
Perfect Organiser – Easy Stackable
Grey Plastic
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