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Doff’s Tomato Feed is a liquid feed for tomatoes, fruit and vegetables.
The liquid feed concentrate promotes heavy cropping and healthy growth in the garden.
Coverage: 500ml makes up to 116 litres.
Use outdoor or in greenhouse
Doff Tomato Feed is a top-quality liquid tomato food with seaweed & magnesium to encourage strong, healthy growth and promote high yields of quality, full-flavour tomatoes. It is also ideal for the feeding of courgettes, aubergines and all flowering plants. Contains fertiliser NPK 4:5:9
The seaweed extract stimulates germination, rooting, improves natural plant health and helps the plant to withstand environmental stress.
Ideal for use with grow bags, giant planters and tomatoes growing in open soil, produces top quality and delicious full flavoured tomatoes.
Also ideal for flowering pot plants that preciate a high potash feed.
This liquid plant feed with seaweed extract supplies many micro-nutrients, essential for maximum growth and better crops.
Application rate are 1 capful (15ml) into 7 litres of water.
Use: March to September