Polly Pocket Glamping Van



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Full Description
It’s time for a new adventure and Polly doll is ready.
Dressed in a sporty outfit, Polly doll grabs her suitcase and hops into her glamping van.
Once at the campsite, 3-inch Polly doll and micro Polly doll set up for a camping experience with luxuries.
The Van opens so Polly doll can sleep in her bed, make lunch in her kitchenette, watch TV in the lounge or eat dinner at the dining table.
Then comes the fun part. When Polly doll is ready to go tiny., her glamping van transforms into a micro campsite by opening at the locket.
The trunk pops open to reveal her micro campsite (removable) and micro Polly doll – Complete with tent, campfire and a lake for fun on the water with her micro kayak.
Play out polly’s transformation from big Polly to micro Polly in this fun camping adventure.
Glamping van playset includes:
3-inch Polly doll and accessory;
Micro Polly doll and accessory;
Mini campsite With tent,
Colours and decorations may vary.
Age: 3+
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