Plug In Handy Heater



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  • Fast Heating
  • Energy Efficient
  • Portable
  • Overheat Protection
  • Adjustable Temperature
  • Compact Design
  • UK Safety Tested
Plug In Heater is a perfect solution for heating your home, office work or garage.
No more messy cables or bulky heaters
Just plug in directly to the wall plug socket and have your own personal heater.
The personal heater employs a heating element which has the advantages of fast heating, high heat conversion rate and energy-saving, Ceramic heating element creates energy efficient warmth quickly.
Ceramic heating element for energy-efficient operation, The ceramic elements produce a large amount of heat quickly at a power of 500W, Low-power, low-energy, two-speed heating setup, compact size ideal for use in homes, schools, and offices.
The ceramic element is self-regulating With the design of over-heat protection for thermal control it will cut off the power for enhanced safety, When the temperature of the heater is too high, the thermostat will automatically turn the heater off for your safety.
Adjustable thermostat control monitors the temperature around you for optimal heating, and you can set the timeer to 1~12 hours settings.
It’s compact enough to take anywhere, Great for the home, school, office, caravan, college, flats,
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