One or Two Bags – Children’s 15kg Non Toxic Sand


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Choose From One or Two bags of 15kg Soft Play Sand
Perfect for Sand Boxes, Pits, Garden areas and making Sand Castles
Can also be used around garden, patio and pathways to create a stunning edging.
Just like the Beach, the kids will love it.
Fill up the wooden tray or sand water table to get your child outside enjoying the sunshine and create endless fun like a trip to the beach in your back garden
Build a sandcastle, dig, or play with toys in the sand – the possibilities are endless.
Suitable for all ages this bag of sand is ideal for any children outdoor with their sandbox or play-pit
This great playpit or sandpit sand is non-toxic, non-staining, clean, and safe, even babies and toddlers can enjoy outdoor fun in the sand, anytime!
15kg Bag of Play Sand.
Complies with toy safety standards BS71 – Parts 1, 2 and 3.
Specially washed, graded and blended Non-toxic, Non Staining , Clean and Safe.
Adult supervision recommended for very young children.
To avoid danger of suffocation keep bags away from children.
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