Mr Frosty 3D Choc Ice Maker



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Full Description
Make real 3D Choc Ices
Create your own Mr Frosty & Penguin frozen chocolate figures
Include 3D moulds to freeze yoghurt and Mr Frosty’s igloo to melt the chocolate
Customise your choc ice with sweets or sprinkles and make thousands of combos!
Safe and easy to use
Make your own Choc ice with Mr frosty, the coolest guy around!
This Choc Ice Maker Kit comes with everything to create your own Mr Frosty & penguin Frozen chocolate figures.
Fill the 3D moulds with your favourite yoghurt flavour and place in the freezer.
Melt your chocolate in Mr frosty’s igloo, then dip your Mr frosty Frozen shape in the melted chocolate.
Place on the drying station and watch your Mr frosty Choc ice come to life!
Wow – the frozen yoghurt magically disappears under a magic chocolate shell in seconds!
Get creative and add some sweets, crushed hazelnuts or sprinkles and make thousands of combos!
Add some chocolate buttons for the eyes! Great fun for parties or simply enjoying yourself!
Contents: 1 x Mr Frosty mould
1 x Igloo and drying station
6 x ski Poles sticks
Suitable for kids aged 5+
Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts which can be ingested and/or inhaled.
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