Monster Jam Dirt Deluxe Set



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Monster Dirt Series by Monster Jam 
From the makers of kinetic sand Comes the all-new, life-like Monster dirt!
This synthetic dirt looks and feels just like what the pros drive through!
It’s easy to mold and easy to clean.
Make your own ramps: mold, build & Jump over realistic ramps with your Monster Jam truck!
Use the included ramp mold as a ready-to-use ramp, a mold to build your own & a Monster dirt storage container.
Includes exclusive truck: This playset includes an exclusive, authentic 1: 64 scale Monster truck that can’t be found anywhere else, complete with greater detail and dirt-stained bkt tires.
Age 3 and up.
PLEASE NOTE: You will receive one Monster Jam deluxe set. Colours & Styles may vary
Build it. Jump it. Crash it. Smash it. Do it again! Design your park any way you want! Play it, master it, design another! This starter set is monster fun!
1:64 Monster Jam Truck (El Toro Loco or Grave Digger) Random will be selected
Launch Ramp Mold
8oz of Monster Dirt
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