Matchify Made Of Card Game



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Full Description
Matchify Made of Card Game has two decks of cards.
Each card contains 9 symbols.
Each card from the first deck has one symbol that can be matched with another symbol from any card in the second deck.
This theme helps kids in developing their cognitive understanding of the idea that one object can be made of another object.
2-8 Players
It is universally accessible enough for everyone to enjoy from kids to teens to adults.
It gives them the opportunity to talk and to spark their curiosity to find out more about how one object from their daily life can be made of another object.
For example, the ‘Bread’ is matched with ‘Wheat’, or the ‘Jumper’ is matched with (made-of) ‘Wool’.
3+ years
It helps them in making associations between different objects available in their daily life.
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