Large Pet Self Cooling Gel Mat



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Full Description
Dimensions: 711mm x 510mm
Does your pet suffer a lot in the hot summer?
Excessive air temperature can cause heatstroke in pets
Decreased appetite/lack of energy/fast breathing…
Our pet cooling mat is one of the effective ways to prevent overheating!
This Dog Cool Mat is pressure activated and will cool your pet on contact for 3-4 hours and will keep your pet 5-7 degrees below ambient temperature.
This cooling mat doesn’t need to be put in the fridge but helps dissipate heat away from the dog’s body when it lies on it.
Dog Cool Gel Mat will keep your pet 5-7 degrees below ambient temperature.
No need to add water, freeze or chill!
Your dogs and cats will love the soothing coolness & cushioning comfort that scientifically designed and press activated pet cooling mat.
Conventional dog beds absorb & trap your dog’s body heat, creating an uncomfortable hot spot.
100% non-toxic gel, Safe for both human and pets to use!
Much thicker and better than most of the other cooling mattes in market.
Avoid touching the product surface with sharp objects.
It’s recommended to cut and polish your pets’s nail before using.
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