Kidz Gamez Wooden Croquet Set



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Kidz Gamez Croquet Set
The Perfect Garden Game for Summer
Liven up your garden this summer with a game of croquet
A relaxed but exciting game that all the family can play!
It’s simple enough that young children can enjoy it while also being fun for grandma and grandad, too!
This croquet set comes with everything you need to play a great game of croquet, with no assembly required.
This complete croquet set comes with four mallets, meaning the whole family can join in with the fun!
It also includes a sturdy mallet stand that you can wheel around, making putting it into and taking it out of storage a breeze.
These classic-style croquet mallets are made from premium-quality hardwood.
This means they’re built to last!
Croquet is a chilled game, but that doesn’t mean kids won’t sometimes get overexcited when playing!
The mallets and balls in this set can withstand hard impacts, so they should provide your family with years of fun.
No Assembly Required: Start playing right away – this croquet set comes fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box!
4 x Croquet Mallets
4 x Croquet Balls
8 x Pegs
Wheelie Mallet stand
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