Joe Wicks Large Chopping Board with Food Sorter Tray



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Joe Wicks Large Chopping Board with Food Sorter Tray 
(Length)35cm x (Width)28cm x (Height)2cm
Joe Wicks the author of the 2nd best selling cook book of all time Lean in 15 and creator of the UK’s biggest transformative weight loss programmed, the 90 Day Plan, has partnered with Meyer to develop a wide range of kitchen products designed for the entire kitchen environment.
Designed for all your preparation needs the Large Chopping Board comes with a detachable food sorter tray for quick separation of food and waste as well as being great for adding food straight to the pan or even for serving.
This solid wood chopping board is extremely durable and will help you prepare your food for years to come
Joe Wicks kitchen chopping board comes with a removable silicone tray for quick and easy separation of food and waste
This big wooden chopping board has a unique and modern design to suit every kitchen needs and style
Joe Wicks large wooden chopping board is very easy to clean.
Just wipe it clean with a damp cloth and dry it thoroughly
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