Grey Curver 40L Corner Laundry Basket



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Full Description
Grey Coloured Corner Design 40L Large Laundry Basket Plastic from CURVER Collection
Space Saving Corner Laundry Basket With Hinged Lid
Perfect design to fit in the corner of Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Laundry area and anywhere around your home
Ideal for Laundry and Linen
Rattan Effect Made from durable plastic
Capacity 40 Litres
Dimensions: (Width)49cm x (Depth)41.5cm x (Height)59cm
Vented Basket – Maintains Airflow inside the basket
Ideal storage basket for your clothes
Multi-Purpose Basket Is Great for Around the Home as a Storage Solution Such as Laundry, Toys Etc.
Airflow Design Preventing Odour Build-Up That Happens with Traditional Laundry Bags
Easy Open Lid Can be opened with one hand, which is Great When You Are Holding A Bunch of Laundry in Your Arms
Lightweight and durable
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