Green Spray Mop with Microfibre Cloth


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Clean like never before with the Daniel James Products Spray Mop!
When only a quick clean will do, this Spray Mop is all you need.
No need for a separate mop pail and wringer, this mop comes complete with a refillable bottle so it is always ready to use.
It is perfect when you need to clean up fast! By squeezing the handle the cleaning liquid sprays a fine mist on to the floor, making cleaning even easier!
The Spray Mop is perfect for everyday spills in the home.
This all in one, ready to use system has its very own spray handle with a refillable liquid compartment, meaning you can use it without a bucket and still get a sparkling result.
For a quick clean, simply pour the cleaning liquid into the compartment and squeeze the trigger to release a micro mist of spray – perfect for quickly mopping up sticky and greasy marks.
Thanks to the included durable Microfiber pad, it is also great for deep down cleaning. It is ideal for use on all hard floor surfaces including sealed wood, vinyl, tile and marble.
Microfibre pad is machine washable. Replacement Microfibre mop pads also available separately. It can be used with your choice of cleaning solution or even just water.
• No bucket required
• 650ml liquid tank
• Makes cleaning floors easy and saves time
• Cleans twice as fast compared to using traditional mop and bucket
• Removable and washable microfibre cleaning pad included
• Microfibre traps dirt and grime for effective cleaning
• Holds 7 times its weight in dirt and grime
• Environmentally friendly cleaning and absolutely chemical free
• Large head swivels easily
(Height)126cm x (Width)42cm x (Depth)15cm
1 x Green Spray Mop & 1 x Green Washable Microfibre Pad
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Mop, Mop & Replacement Heads, Pack of 2 Replacement Heads

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