BBQ Charcoal Starter



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Full Description
The practical charcoal grill chimney starter is made of galvanised steel and makes charcoal glow in no time.
It has ventilation openings to ensure a good draft.
With this chimney starter, you can ignite charcoals quickly and effectively without fans, blow-dryers, or dangerous igniting agents.
The stable handle with a heat shield ensures safe filling after ignition.
The chimney starter is easy to use.
Simply fill the underside of the chimney starter with crumpled paper, and place it on the grill.
Then fill the container with charcoal from the top and ignite the paper through the ventilation openings.
Then the charcoals will burn through to the top layer in a short time and can then be poured onto the grill.
Colour: Silver
Material: Galvanised steel
Dimensions: (Diameter) 17cm x (Height)27.5cm
Wooden handle with heat shield
Safe and easy to use
With ventilation openings
Easy to clean and maintain
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