Barbie Dream Horse



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Experience the fun of horseback riding with barbie doll with a dreamhorse, her most interactive horse yet
The pretty white horse responds to actions and touch with more than 30 realistic reactions that bring the beauty of horses to life.
​Dream horse can walk forward, turn 360 Degrees and neigh when you play
​Barbie dream horse can feed with an included bunch of carrots and nuzzle in response to your touch
Dream horse nods yes or no when you ask a question
Bring the fun of horseback riding to life and play with Barbie doll like never before with her most interactive horse yet.
The barbie dream horse reacts to touch and sounds it features more than 30 realistic reactions!
It can also play three songs and show off with three different dances.
You and Barbie doll can groom the horse’s super-long, curly mane and tail with the included brush.
Barbie doll can sit on the saddle just use the included waist clip to ride along wherever dream horse goes.
Barbie doll is ready to ride into your imagination wearing a riding tunic, moulded pants, removable boots and a helmet. Her beautiful dream horse matches with a pink saddle and reins.
Includes Barbie doll wearing fashions and accessories, interactive horse with saddle and reins, bunch of carrots, brush and helmet.
The dream horse runs and dances only on smooth ground ideally.
(Depth)15.88cm x (Width)55.88cm x (Height)32.39cm
4 x AA batteries included
Ages 3+