5-in-1 Garden Solar Light Weather Tracking Station



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Full Description
5-in-1 Weather Station to Monitor and track the Great British outdoor elements
Now you can monitor the weather elements with this all-in-one weather station that includes
A Wind direction arrow
An Anemometer that spins in the wind
A Handy rain gauge
A Thermometer that tells you the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
This weather station features a metal stake for easy placement anywhere in your yard.
Made with durable iron and plastic, our weather station is over 5 feet tall
Features include:
  • Solar Powered Lamp
  • Wind Spinner
  • Wind Direction Indicator
  • Thermometer
  • Rain Gauge & Snow Scale
This weather resistant unit is made from durable metal and plastic
Weather station is topped with a solar powered lamp head for optimal illumination in the evenings.
Dimensions: (Height)158cm x (Depth)24cm x (Width)24cm
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