41cm Lava Lamp



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Full Description

This 16” (41cm) tall lava lamp is retro and iconic piece that adds style, & beautifulness to your home.

It features soothing, slow-moving Silver Glitter along the coloured liquid in the glass globe.
You can enjoy the forever changing shape of colourful blobs from 360 degree viewing angle.
A cool decorative novelty light helps you feeling relax and peacefulness.
It is powered by electrical cord with BS mains plug which is attached to the silver lamp base.
A 30-watt R39 incandescent reflector bulb is included
Wax Colours May Vary – Please contact us if specific colour is required
IMPORTANT: Once the wax is molten, please do not shake or knock over the lamp which may cause the bottle to be cloudy rather than clear.
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