24 Packs 40g Salt & Vinegar Pringles




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24 Packs of 40g Packs Salt & Vinegar Pringles

After you try these Pringles Salt & Vinegar crisps they will become your favourites.
They are made from carefully selected potatoes which are then fried until they get their perfect and characteristic crispy texture.
For these crisps, Pringles has created the finest flavour combination to make your mouth water every time you think about them.
This package of 12 pieces is ideal for you to store on your cupboard and have them at hand whenever you crave them.
They are also very useful for children to take to school or for you to take to the office as they come in the convenient size of 40 grams packs. As a plus, they are also suitable for vegetarians.
Expiry: 15/03/2021