110 Finish Classic Dishwasher Tablets



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Finish Dishwasher Tablets Classic Free 110 Pieces
Banishes stains and leaves your dishes gleaming
Make sure your dishes are clean and shining brightly after every wash with these outstanding dishwasher tablets from Finish.
Use these fantastic Finish Powerball tablets that combine 2 power actions in one dishwasher tablet to give your dishes an amazing clean and outstanding shine with every wash.
The Powerball soaks and softens food stains and the powerful detergents lift off and wash away all traces of food.
Featuring a unique ore soaking action which means your dishes will look twice as good.
The Finish Dishwasher Tablets are a compressed powder tablet consisting of a thin blue layer with a red pill above a thick white layer, enclosed in an opaque printed insoluble wrapper weighing approximately 20g.
Suitable for use in most dishwashers and in septic tanks.